"Men and women should be equally educated in housework because home belongs to both"

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The Unheared Voice Of Fakhr-e-Afghan

List Of Books On Bacha Khan

1. Two Servants of God by Mahadev Desai, Published by The Hindustan Times Press, 1935.
2. Frontier and its Gandhi by J. S. Brite Published by Allied Indian Publishers Lahore, 1944.
3. A Tribute to Frontier Gandhi by Meribar Published by International Book House Bombay, 1956.
4. Abdul Ghaffar Khan; Faith is Battle by D. G. Tendulkar published Gandhi Peace Foundation Bombay 1967.
5. Thrown to the Wolves by Pyaray Lal Published by East Light Book Calcutta, 1966.
6. A Man to match his Mountains by Eknath Eswaran published by Penguin Press California, 1984.
7. My Life and Struggle by K. B. Narnang published by Hind Pocket Books 1969. A Pilgrimage for Peace; Gandhi and Frontier Gandhi in NWFP by Pyaray Lal published by Nogivan Publishing House Ahmedabad, 1950.
8. Frontier Speaks by Muhammad Younas Published by Hind Book Bombay, 1947
9. Frontier Gandhi by G. L. Joshi Published National Publishing House Delhi, 1970
10. The Frontier Gandhi; his place in History by M.S. Korejo Published by Oxford University Press Karachi, 1993.

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List Of Articles & Research Papers On Bacha Khan

د عیسی مسیح علیه السلام د عدم تشدُد ارتقا – سميع الدين ارمان

وړاندې د دې نه چې د یو نظریاتي بحث د تاریخي یون په بېلابېلو پړاوونو خبره وکړو باید دلته ترټولو اول د تېرې میاشتې د نړۍ د یو ډېر لوې ظلم، بربریت او دهشتګردۍ د هغه پېښې غندنه وکړو چې د بي بي سي د...

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د فلسفهِ عدم تشدُد نفسیاتي بنیادونه !

د کارل ګستاو ژونګ مطابق انسان د یو څیز د حقیقت ادراک په څلورو وسائلو سره کوي. هغه په دې کښې دوو ته عقلي او دوو ته غېرعقلي وسائل وائي. عقلي وسائلو کښې هغه سوچ او احساس او په غېرعقلي وسائلو کښې حس او...

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Baacha Khan’s Model of Alternative Education and Baacha Khan Education Foundation Khadim Hussain

Few movements in the world had that substantial clarity about creating alternatives as the Khudai Khidmatgaar Movement (servants of God) and its predecessor the Tehrik-e-Islahul Afaghina (movement...

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